Pacifico Power

Experience the benefits of bringing energy generation to your property.

The traditional electric utility system is inefficient and expensive, bringing in power which is generated miles away. With Pacifico Power, you can take the first step toward cutting the cord — having efficient, renewable, cost-saving and more reliable energy production directly on your property for your business.

Our Solutions

We help property and business owners of office/commercial buildings, multi-family housing, agricultural/industrial facilities, and more increase their energy security, reduce energy costs, and increase property values by installing the onsite renewable energy resources for their needs.


Pacifico Power,
Affiliate of Pacifico Energy

A global renewable energy leader is now powering local businesses and residences.

Pacifico Energy is a leading renewable energy company with a proven track record of developing utility-scale power plants that transform the way electricity is generated, distributed and used by communities and cities worldwide.

Over the last 10 years Pacifico Energy has developed over 1 GW of renewable energy projects worldwide, equating to $3.5 billion of investment.

As an affiliate of Pacifico Energy, Pacifico Power is taking advantage of its deep technological and power experience worldwide to deliver customized energy solutions, rather than at the utility transmission level, to customers behind the meter. The technological, economic, and regulatory obstacles to community solar and distributed energy are being removed at an increasing pace and Pacifico Power is here to help commercial energy users take advantage of these opportunities.

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Pacifico Power Benefits

We offer benefits including savings on energy costs, increased property values, reduced environmental impact and improved energy security. We can structure deals to require no capital outlay, and we deliver on easy execution and ongoing operation.

Cost savings
Escape the high and ever-increasing rates offered by traditional utility companies.
Improved reliability
Become less reliant on traditional utilities and increase your energy security and reliability in the face of more public safety power shutoffs, extreme weather and other threats.
Increased property value
On-site generation increases your property value and makes your property more marketable to the green audience.
Using renewable resources
Offer tenants eco-friendly home and work facilities that are powered by renewable resources.

Ready for Local Energy?

See what renewable energy solutions like solar can do for you, your property, and your tenants.